Fiberglass Designs LLC is a custom fiberglass production operation with over 165 years combined experience.  

We produce custom molds for precast concrete, items for waste water treatment plants, auto bodies and parts, even sculpture.  We take on large and small projects and are a locally owned, operated and managed company.

Fiberglass Designs LLC
128 W. Maricopa Freeway
Phoenix, AZ  85003
(602) 262-2168

Fiberglass provides many advantages over other materials. It offers a great amount of design freedom and flexibility, providing durable products, high in appearance, without unnecessary seams and joints. It is easy to color in any finish from matte to high-gloss.


Fiberglass is the proven low-maintenance winner. It has strength advantages over similar wood and metal construction, without the rot and corrosion problems of those materials; and it is not a fragile container as are glass and other plastics.


Fiberglass is flexible, yet dimensionally stable, waterproof, and exhibits low thermal expansion or conductivity. And it is a radio frequency (RF) transparent material.


Fiberglass used as a mold for other materials, provides a super-smooth surface that results in easily released, perfect casts. 

Design freedom and flexibility
Superior appearance / color and finish
High-strength with low-weight advantage
Low maintenance and long lasting
Dimensionally stable
Chemical and corrosion resistant
Low thermal conductivity or expansion
Cost effective and versatile

High in Design, Utility & Durability

Fountain Piece

We are seeking reliable, experienced fiberglass fabricators. There is room for growth in this fast-growing company.


  • Reliable worker with excellent record of attendance
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Reliable transportation and a valid drivers license

The Tooling Technician constructs, refines, and reworks imperfections in the mold and pattern making processes. We seek an experienced technician with an eye for quality and attention to detail.

The fiberglass laminator position requires experience with fiberglass fabrication: hand and spray layup, building, trimming and pulling fiberglass parts from molds. Mold prep and gel coat experience a plus.